Monday, September 12, 2011

Getting Started with Cloth Diapers

What you will need to get started using cloth diapers really depends on the age of your child and your preferences, but here is a general guideline.
How many Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

Newborns (0-3 months) use 10-12 cloth diapers a day. To wash every other day you will need at least 30. Prefolds and Covers are the most economical choice for this stage.

Babies (3 months to 1 year) usually need 6-10 diapers in a day. This is going to vary greatly depending on your child. To wash every other day you will need 20-24 diapers.

Toddlers (1-3 years) won't need to be changed as frequently and often only use 4-8 diapers a day. You can live with 12-18 diapers if you plan to wash every other day.

Washing Cloth Diapers:

Top Loader- Always use the highest water amount setting and a Fast Agitation. You will see the best results with less than 15 diapers per load.
Step 1: Cold rinse. This removes any remaining solid waste left in the diaper and helps prevent staining.

Step 2: Hot Wash with Cloth Diaper Safe Detergent. I recommend Rockin' Green. Follow Manufacturer's directions for amounts. If you choose a standard clothing detergent (at your own discretion) please use half of the recommended amount.

Step 3: Rinse in Cold.

Step 4: Optional extra cold rinse.

Step 5: Line Dry (suggested) or use your Dryer on Medium Heat.

Front Loader/HE Washer-These can be tricky. My best advice is to use as much water as possible when washing/rinsing.
Step 1: Pre-Rinse or runs a Cold Short Cycle

Step 2: Run a Hot Wash with your detergent (note- many HE machines do not accept powder detergents!)

Step 3: Rinse (be sure you hae as much water as possible)

Step 4: Optional Extra Rinse.

Step 5: Line Dry (suggested) or use your Dryer on Medium Heat.

What to do with the Poop?

Newborns: If you are breastfeeding your baby's poop is water soluble. This means you can toss all soiled diapers in the washer without having to remove the waste. If your baby is formula fed you may need to spray out the waste or use Disposable Liners to make clean-up easier.

Babies: Babies eating solids will have Peanut-Butter to Solid consistency stools and in between. Using a Diaper Sprayer makes clean-up easier. You cannot wash waste after a baby is eating solids. Disposable liners are also an option; they can be flushed.

Toddlers: Toddlers will hopefully have very solid waste. If so, just shake the waste into the toilet. If not, Diaper Sprayers or Flushable Liners will take care of the mess.

FACT: All parents have to deal with poop regardless what diaper they choose- disposable or cloth. Using cloth diapers does not necessarily mean you will spend your day touching poop.

What Cloth Diaper is Right For Me?

Cloth Diapers come in every shape and size. Choosing a cloth diaper isn't always easy or simple. Factors include budget, your comfort level, your baby's build, your baby's output, and your washing preferences.
I'm on a Budget: Flats, Prefolds, and certain inexpensive Pocket Diapers may be your best bet.

I want Convenience: All-in-Ones or certain Self-Unstuffing Pocket Cloth Diapers (like the Tots Bots AIO) are a good option for you.

I want Convenience and Budget: Pocket cloth diapers are easier than Prefolds and Covers but do require stuffing and Unstuffing. Once pre-stuffed they go on just like an All-in-One; this makes them easier for Dads and Sitters.

My Baby is a Heavy Wetter: Fitteds and Covers are the most absorbent option. Fitteds run the gammut from very inexpensive to sticker shock (30+ per diaper).

I like a Trim Fit: There will never be a cloth diaper as trim as a disposable. No fabric can be as trim as the gel used in disposables. However, some diapers like the Bright Star Trim AIO and Ragababe Easy AIO are very trim without losing absorbency.

I don't want to wash every other day: You either need to invest in 24+ diapers of your choice or supplement your stash with inexpensive diapers like prefolds and covers to use at home. This will make going longer between washes much easier. You do not want to wait longer than 3-4 days as this will cause bacteria and other yucky things to grow.


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